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Dr Alkaitis

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Dr Alkaitis Organic Cosmetics is a high performance range of organic "living" skincare products created by the world-renowned scientist Dr Saulius Anthony Alkaitis. Dr Alkaitis believe that you should feed the skin as you would feed yourself - with healthy "living" food. Their motto is "if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin".

The range is made in-house by hand with the highest quality extracts and ingredients, maintaining their purity and effectiveness. They use "raw" ingredients, ones that have not been heated to above body temperature, to prevent the reduction of the therapeutic benefit these ingredients have. They use only organic, biodynamic or wild crafted ingredients, and work directly with growers from around the world to source the highest quality ingredients. This ensures that the products have the best therapeutic qualities for your skin. All Dr Alkaitis products are vegan friendly.